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IDSafeChoice - Identity Theft Recovery Program

New Hampshire Postal Credit Union Introduces
IDSafeChoice - an Identity Theft Recovery Program

Identity theft is a multi billion dollar business for thieves and it is devastating to its victims. As a result, recent regulation enacted by the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) requires that we implement a written identity theft prevention program and put in place measures to help safeguard your accounts here at your credit union. Our written policy was recently developed and implemented.

As we undertake security measures to safeguard your private information here, we also want to add additional value to our relationship with our members. While we take pride in protecting your personal information, we cannot protect you from identify theft emanating from a variety of sources. Therefore, we would like to offer all of our qualifying members an identification theft recovery program.

Here's how it works

If you or a qualifying family member has reason to believe you might be a victim of identity theft, call us. We will put you in touch with an Identity Recovery Advocate who will:

  • Perform research to determine the extent of the problem
  • Place fraud alerts and review your credit report with all three credit bureaus
  • Write letters, make calls to dispute all fraudulent information
  • Coordinate with government agencies, financial institutions, creditors, etc. to resolve incidents
  • Work with law enforcement to help to arrest and prosecute the criminals
  • Confirm complete recovery in writing
  • Follow up for 12 months

You and your family members can rest assured that you will have the help you need – until completely recovered.

We have arranged for these benefits to extend to all types of identity theft that you may experience – covering both financial and non-financial fraud. In addition, these benefits are extended to all named account holders and three generations of your family – including your spouse, children and parents.

As a member benefit, IDSafeChoice professional identity theft recovery services can be added to all qualifying checking accounts. An associated fee of one dollar and twenty-five cents per month ($1.25) will be charged to your checking account.


If you want to cancel the benefit and forego the fee you may do so at any time by calling any NH Postal CU Member Services Representative toll free (888-244-9946) and tell them to remove you and your family from the coverage.

Note: Since this is a family benefit, one account provides IDSafeChoice benefits for your entire family. If you have more than one checking account with NH Postal CU, please be sure to tell us which account you would like to be included in this program.

If you have any questions about these benefits please contact us. And rest assured that professional identity theft recovery will be only a phone call away should you have a need.